Rob Schultz is a video editor, comic, and generally pretty helpful guy. He worked on UCB's movie FREAK DANCE, Matt Walsh's HIGH ROAD, the terrific haunted house comedy THE SELLING, and several pilots for Comedy Central, including KROLL SHOW and the version of Matt Besser's THIS SHOW WILL GET YOU HIGH that aired at 3:30AM on a Wednesday. As a stand-up comedian, Rob has appeared at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, the Sacramento and San Diego Comedy Festivals, and in other cities on the west coast, like Los Angeles, where he is the co-host of the weekly variety program Gangbusters! and LA's premiere traveling outdoor comedy open mic, The Hike Mic. Rob has written for the UCB show Sketch Cram, as well as the daily humor website The Higgs Weldon, and the sketch comedy podcast BETTER RADIO. Presently, Rob is a member of the UCB-LA Digital Team, and working on the sci-fi comedy feature film DIANI AND DEVINE MEET THE APOCALYPSE. You can find more things Rob has helped get made on the internet, by surfing to or


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